About Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park

Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park has been a favorite layover for tourists travelling to and from the West Coast. It is also a popular holiday destination for many Tasmanians. Its safety for children, serenity and natural setting makes it the perfect place for families and tourists. Enjoy access to the lake for kayaking and fishing, and create unforgettable memories.

gray concrete road between trees at daytime
gray concrete road between trees at daytime

Family-Friendly Environment

Our principles

We prioritize the safety and enjoyment of families with children, providing a large open areas away from road traffic and large grassed play areas for kids to have fun.

Recreation for All

Our park offers a range of recreational facilities. Whether you enjoy swimming, walking, cycling or fishing, there's something for everyone.

Nature's Paradise

Immerse yourself in the sheltered beauty of nature at Wayatinah Lakeside Caravan Park. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, plentiful bird and native animal life, with direct access to the lake, it's the perfect place for kayaking, fishing, and enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.

For nature lovers the park and surrounds are frequented by a large range of marsupials including platypus, wombats and devils plus a great range of beautiful birds including owls, eagles, lyrebirds, parrots, cockatoos, red-breasted robins, fairy wrens and pardalotes.

If you are looking for big trees we are lucky to be at the gateway to the Florentine and Styx valleys with some of the tallest swamp and stringy bark gums in the state

Coral and Mark Paton

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